Point Of Sale Management (POS)

FCA Integral enterprise POS software solution helps retailers to automate their entire systems. We assist retailers to manage their retail operations like loyalty management, promotions, inventory management, inventory planning, business intelligence, point of sale, store management and many more. With FCA Integral retail management POS software organizations can make managing their business even easier, save time and increase profit. We strive to make every feature easy to use and understand to manage all your store locations, improve customer service, financial information and many more at any moment.

FCA Integral enterprise POS software solution provides your retail organization with a true solution suite to manage your entire retail business.

     Easily process sales – manage customers and simplify the point of sale check out process.

     Insightful reporting – Gain insight into your business so you can make better, more confident business decision.

     Simplified inventory Management – Manage inventory, including purchasing, pricing and reordering

     Better control and mange your entire business – Gain better control and mange your entire business including back-end accounting processes and employee payroll.

Retail POS Software - Key Features

     Can work in all models of retail (COCO/COFO/FOFO)

     User Friendly UI can be design by user itself

     Strong BI tool

     Franchise can maintain their inventory separately

     Web base reporting

     Vendor/customer online portal

     Online module also available

     Advance document designer (watermark/special comment can put)

     Document attachment at each level (POS/Warehouse)

Retail POS Software - General Features

     Unbreakable and Secured Database System.

     Flexible Menu Security Option

     Multiple Roles, multiple User security system with lock day facility.

     Profile or Preference setting at each business function.

     User Friendly GUI Forms with updated Help.

     Scalable from single store to multiple chain stores.

     Seamless Integration of Front Office/Back Office Applications.

     CD based installation system.

     Auto Data Back & Restore Facility.

     Automatic update of software through internet.

Point Of Sales (POS)

     Open/Close POS, Begin/End Day Concepts

     Bar coded, Non-Bar coded , OEM Bar coded, User Defined Codes scanning options.

     Returns, Exchange and Refunds tracking systems.

     Cash, Credit and Advance sales management.

     Flexible payment modes - cash, credit, credit card, gift voucher or loyalty points redemption.

     Discount Tracking at Item Level or Memo Level.

     Cash Drawer, Counter and currency denomination tracking.

     Cash Memo on Hold and Retrieve options.

     Online Stock Alerts to monitor negative inventory.

     Multiple Cash memo series option.

     User defined cash memo, return memo, cash receipt slips formatting and printing option.

     Non-Fixed Unit Sales i.e. Grocery in grams, Fabric in meters etc.      Separate Billing, Collection and Delivery option available.

     Separate Price Overwrite, Qty Overwrite facility available.

     Audit Trail for POS Activities

     Service, Repairing, Tailoring Option available.

Store Management

     Powerful Sales Promotion to cater all types of discounts and offers.

     Saleman Tracking and Incentive Calculations facilities.

     User wise / Counter Wise / Day Wise / Shift Wise cash summary.

     KPI Reports on Margins, Basket Sizes, GMROI, Audits available.

     Price Management, Store wise, Customer wise with Multiple Price List Pop Ups possible.

     POS Integrated with Accounts to report Credit/Advance Sales.

     Powerful MIS reports on Stock, Sales and Profitabilities.

     Unit wise and Lot wise Price changing option with audit trail.

     Credit Card tracking and commission calculation.

     Return / Exchange Reason Tracking.

     VAT / Sales Tax Management.


     Vendor Definition with Class, Agent, Sales Tax and Consignment Option.

     Vendor setup with credit days, default Markup and Invoice Terms.

     Purchase Order tracking system along with Order amendment and cancellation

     Good Receive Entry against PO, Item Select, Item Create ,Item Scanning.

     PO Creation through Excel Import, Item Create, Item Select or Item Scanning.

     PO Delivery Schedule and Authorization System.

     Automatic markup facility on Input Costs along with flexible Round off facility.

     Dynamic Margin Rule to control Margins on markups/markdowns, Gross/ Net of VAT .

     Purchase Invoice – against multiple Good Receive Challans.

     Consignment Receipts, Invoicing and Payment tracking system.

     Goods return tracking against Receipts on FIFO/LIFO/Manually.

     Debit Note against Goods Return and integration with Financial Accounts.

     Service bills / Job work charges accounting with automatic TDS entry.

     HO Created PO, Local Receipt Options available.

     Multiple State Vendor Invoice and VAT Terms possible.

     Purchase C Forms, F Forms tracking.

     Min-max, Reorder level and replenishment system.


     Supports unlimited SKUs, Items and Inventory parameters.

     Dynamic Item Classification into Divisions, sections, Departments, Articles and Items. definition.

     Item Definition on multiple Attribute, Categories like Brand, Size, Design, Color, Pack etc.

     Multiple Stock Points to track floor stock, warehouse stock, package stock and GIT.

     Image Capturing, storing and reporting available.

     Inventory Ageing on FIFO, Batch and Last Inwards possible.

     Batch creation on Season, Month, Week or any user defined period.

     Inventory Valuation on FIFO, Last Purchase, WSP or MRP.

     Inventory Movement (Opening, Purchase, Sales, Consumption, Closing) at Qty and Value.

     Non – Inventory/ Service Items tracking possible.

     Category manager to restructure obsolete/dead item categories.

     Logistics Tracking from LR, Gate Entry, Receipts and Invoicing.

     Road Permit Tracking for all Inwards and Outward Movement of Goods.

     Inter Stock Point Transfer and reconciliation entries.

     Cost Center issue and return for consumable & store items.

     Flexible Physical Stock Audit on any Item Classification and Attribute.

     Stock Adjustment after verification of Actuals with temporary / Permanent update.

     Negative stock alert at Item / Profile level on each inventory movement.

     Item/ Barcode history to track details at any level.

     Item Merging, Splitting and Price Revision modules.

     Real time view of inventory levels with in depth inventory analysis

Customer Loyalty

     Customer information tracking & gathering

     Direct Discount Option, Point Earned and Redemption system

     Different Discount % for different assortments possible.

     Centralised Points Earning & Redemption across multiple stores possible.

     Analyse Customer buying pattern and history tracking.

     Print mailing labels or SMS Customers via FCA- Retail SMS services.

Merchandise & Replenishment Planning

     Enterprise wide Planning, Ordering and Replenishment system.

     Setup Planning Parameters on Item, Article or Assortment.

     Setup Source Parameter as Warehouse, Stock point or Supplier

     Min-Max, Reorder Level Setup for Stores and warehouse.

     Replenishment planning comparing trend sales, pending orders and pipeline stock.

     Calculate Fill Rate, Alarm Reports, Red Alert and Not in Stock Reports.

     Enables Centralized as well as localized Purchase planning & Ordering system.

Multi Store Distribution

     Inter store requisition and replenishment system.

     Stock Transfer Order tracking along with Authorization system.

     Package Creation against STO, Item Select, Item Scan, GRC, Transfer In or Excel Import.

     Receipt reconciliation through Package bar codes, Item Scan or manual tagging.

     Inter Stock Point Package Transfers between warehouses.

     Transfer Cost on MRP, WSP, FIFO Cost, Std Cost etc.

     Track Pipeline stock across Supply chain including Allocated and In-Transit Stocks.

     Tracking for Shortage / Excess and transfer Reconciliation.

     Alerts for In-Transit at Destination, if transfer exceeds normal transit days.

     Logistics/Permit Tracking for Transfers and Accounts Integration.

     Allocate and Send Master data to Stores automatically.

     All transfers via Internet/FTP based data synchronization.

Multi Store Features

     Enables businesses or chains to roll up for all branches/stores into HO.

     Real time consolidation of data across various locations over internet.

     Unlimited user defined reports by simple drag and drop operations.

     HO Controlled Masters/Profiles/ Procedures for Branch / Stores.

     Branch / Store wise/ Item Wise Sales, Inventory or Profitability reports.

     Merged Sales/Inventory reports, KPIs, Valuation, Ageing etc.

     Merged Financial Reports - TB, BS, PL, Outstanding etc.

     Goods in Transit/ Logistics/ Pipeline tracking across locations in chain.

     Sales Target versus Achievement - Like to Like Reports.

     Sales Comparison as per Festival, Holiday or EOSS Calendar.

     Auto Email of Reports for Supply Chain Integration.

SMS/Email Notifications (Optional)

     Real time Messaging System for real time decision making.

     Sends SMS automatically on any actionable FCA- RETAIL events.

     Integrated with all FCA- RETAIL modules (POS, Purchase, Sales, MSD, CRM etc).

     Two-way messaging systems possible.

Business Intelligence (BI Tool)

     Complete user friendly dashboard

     User can define and create their reports

     Data can easily transfer into excel/doc/pdf

     In-depth analysis

     Report drill down till voucher level from same screen


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