Apparel & Footwear

Our innovative ERP software for apparel and footwear industry enables you to efficiently manage your business operations and leverage the full potential of your value chains. We put companies in complete control of their supply chain, from procuring raw materials to delivering finished product and help them to monitor their complex processes independently (anytime, anywhere). Our highly integrated ERP solution for garment industry addresses the particular needs of today’s and tomorrow’s apparel and footwear business.

FCA Integral ERP solution for garment Industry is successfully in use by numerous leading apparel and footwear companies in India. The solution enables you to:-

Consolidating and understanding demand from multiple channels

Efficiently manage product transaction on supply chain planning and operation

Plan and manage inventory sales and distribution within the organization

Inventory Optimization

Streamline order entries

Maintain multiple material status indicators

ERP Software For Apparel and Footwear Industry - Features

Generate multi-faceted price lists that include promotional or showroom pricing

Enable production and materials planning, independent of variables such as size, color, or color-way

Access integrated cost information

Improve inventory management with comprehensive tracking of materials and finished goods

Monitor workforce performance, and collaborate effectively

Incorporate supply partners into costing and routing decisions

Share demand and inventory information in real time

Improve transparency, and provide consolidated financial reports

ERP Software For Apparel and Footwear Industry - Benefits

Gain comprehensive traceability and handle numerous material and product variables effectively

Track materials through variable sourcing and manufacturing processes, inventory, and logistics, including intercompany processing

Control costs by monitoring and analyzing material, item, order, and cost information using comprehensive financial management tools

Analyze performance and profitability across your business

Improve operational efficiency, financial planning and analysis

Gain a better perspective on business performance across the organization

Enable more informed decision making

Increase efficiency

Manage stock efficiently Increase supply chain visibility

Increase your speed to market

Maximize your warehouse accuracy and efficiency

Integrate all of your sale channels


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