About FCA Integral ERP

Escape Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed to meet the various operational and functional requirements of a medium and large size business. Our ERP software application acts as main software system for all areas and has the capacity to make the most of efficiencies, and update the flow of information throughout an organization. Our solution helps organization in integrating all of its data and processes into a single unified system.
     Cost effective solutions and end-to-end development ensures that every aspect of your business process is carefully considered and accurately implemented.

     The most flexible solutions are the simplest to use.

     We develop solutions in affordable environments and yet employ scalable technologies.

FCA Integral ERP - Features

Our ERP Services implemented best practices and methodologies for global organizations that ensure constantly reliable enterprise solutions.

     We help organizations in the process of implementing solid foundation, incorporating all of the elementary aspects of running a business.

     Escape ERP manual processes are automated, production forecast is more competently managed and inventory is more precisely assessed.

     Our services are having proficiency to monitor the implementation and operation of the system, evaluate the advancement and category sporadically necessary curative accomplishment for the clients, as per their requirement.

     We provide one central depository for all information that is shared by all the various ERP facets in order to smooth the flow of statistics across the organization.

     Escape ERP is fully capable to enlarge the efficiency of Human resources, Abbreviate expansion, Rationalize manufacturing process and many more.

Escape ERP can easily integrate with your broader sales and service processes. We take your business beyond traditional business software, streamlining back-office processes and equip you with the visibility you need to make better faster decisions.

     Slashes the financial close with real-time reporting

     Strengthen procurement with approvals and vendor management

     Improves employee management through self-service

     Drive decision making with personalized dashboards

     Improves accountability and compliance with strong traceability

     Reduces IT Costs and delivers automated ERP upgrades

     Elevates productivity with anytime, anywhere access

     Provide adversary consulting services on ERP decision

     Provide consulting service for ERP environment – designed to help companies analyze and improve the effectiveness of business operations and technology strategies.

     Provide comprehensive set of system integration and implementation services across the ERP domains, products and technologies

     Serve multiple industries including – Real estate, Retail, Contracting business, Manufacturing Industry and distribution business.

We provide ERP software worldwide and are engaged in providing management and software consultancy as well as implementing ERP Solutions. We specialized and expert in Customized ERP Solutions based on web, windows and mobile.

FCA Integral ERP - Benefits

     Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes

     Integrate customer order information

     Integrate financial information

     Run on Single Solution

     Reduce Costs , Reduce inventory, Increase Revenue

     Improve Customer Relationships, Improve Efficiency

     Access Local Support

     Be Alert to Critical Information

     Standardize HR information

     make Updates quickly and easily

     Information can accessible to a user anywhere in the world

     Lower costs

     Linking branches, factory, sales, purchase, delivery, supply chain management spread across different geographical location at real time.

     Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners

     Managing organized and streamlined business process - purchase, sales, Inventory, billing, production, receipt, payment, HR, Taxation, Excise and Exports.

     Accessing daily report without depending on anyone.

     Ensuring that everyone in the organization is responsible and accountable.

Support For Business Processes

     Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

     Supply Chain Management (SCM)

     Financial Management

     Production Management

     Inventory Management

     HR & Payroll Management

     Sales Management

     Asset Management

     Warranty Management

Our Key Capabilities

     Powerful Reporting Tools and Analyses

     Easy to Use

     Flexible and Adaptable

     Powerful Reporting Tools and Analyses

     Comprehensive Functionality

FCA Integral ERP – Power Feature

     Dashboard:- It helps you manage your business with instant information, exceptions and many more.

     Reports Designer:- Escape offers you a large set of great, ready to use reports that tell you more about your business than you knew.

     Graphs Designer:- All reports on Escape can be taken as charts or graphs of the different types - line, pie and bar charts.

     Forms designer:- The Forms Designer is another great utility which allows you to design templates to print your invoices, cheques, documents, labels and reports - just the way you want.

     Labels Designer:- Our labels designer allows you to design and print labels of all kind - product labels, barcodes, price tags, etc. that you can tag to your products, assets, employee Id cards, etc.,

     Print Designer:- The print designer is a powerful tool which gives you total control over how you want to print your reports.

     SMS:- You can send out SMS's (text messages) to employees, customers, suppliers, etc., singly or in bulk, while entering transactions or from reports.

     Roll- Based Users Right:- We ensure complete security which is so critical when you work in a multi-user, global environment. You can secure your data both within and outside the organization.

     Customizable:- The powerful Settings manager empowers you to enable or disable products, modules and features across the system.

     Transactions Authorization:- We help you set up an authorization process for all transactions online. This is very useful tool to help many people work on the same system real-time.

     Linked Transactions:- Escape helps, when you need to know the outstanding orders of a customer while making deliveries or outstanding receivables & making collections.

     Alerts:- We help you manage exception through alerts and warnings when things happen in the system.

     Segments:- We allow you to manage number of Profit centers, Cost centers, departments, locations, etc.

     Multi- Currency:- Enables you to do transactions and maintain your data in multiple currencies.

     Pictures:- Attach pictures or images with various kinds of masters and use them.

     MS Office Integration:- It enables you to export or import data to or from MS Excel and e-mail reports, invoices and documents using MS Outlook/Outlook Express.

     Transaction Templates:- Allows you to create transaction templates and save them for future use as recurring transactions.

     Peripherals:- Escape works with all peripheral devices i.e. barcode scanners, cash drawers, pole displays, scanners, weighing machines, etc.

FCA Integral business accounting software can help your organization transform its finance and accounting operations into a cost-effective, strategic business asset through proven technologies and service options that align with your business needs and support your goals. We provide business accounting software, focused on such functions as accounting, customer relationship management, government management, human resources, fixed asset management, and contact management as well as provide industry-specific applications for customers in fields of construction, distribution, retail, contracting and manufacturing industry.
FCA centralizes all of your organization’s core financial data and enables you to take advantage of global opportunities.

     The ledger will offer you greater efficiency and drive productivity.

     Centralized data enables decision makers to make informed decisions that speak clearly from your firm’s financials.

     Your ledger will maintain data integrity and even streamline financial reporting routines, which are customizable by user.

     Your firm can operate with greater transparency and less confusion.

FCA Integral Finance Accounting ERP Software – Offerings

     We help to manage account in an integrated manner. Make accounting easy by preparing chart of accounts that have all major groups like liabilities, loan funds, assets etc.

     Prepare and manage general ledger, sub ledger and cost center through chart of accounts.

     Create Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (AP) vouchers. Tag date, group name, sub ledger etc.

     Create sub-ledger by entering details like name, class type associated Permanent Account Number.

     Create journal to maintain record of business transactions along with ledgers affected by each transaction.

FCA Integral Finance Accounting ERP Software – Features


     Implement and adapt predefined chart-of-accounts templates

     Manage accounting transactions such as journal entries, journal vouchers, recurring postings, and posting templates

     Manage multiple currencies for accounts payable and accounts receivable

     Create balance sheet, profit and loss, and other financial reports

Controlling (or Cost Accounting)

     Define and manage budgets

     Handle payment terms, customer reminders, and cash collections

     Manage direct and indirect expenses and revenues for multiple cost centers

     Maintain distribution rules for automated revenue and expense allocation.

Banking and Reconciliation

     Manage incoming and outgoing payments with cash, checks, electronic bank transfers, and credit cards

     Process bank statements and perform automatic reconciliation of your ledgers

     Clear multiple accounts receivable and payable invoices automatically in batches

     Print check batches and generate check and payment reports

FCA Integral Finance Accounting ERP Software – BenefitsControlling

Controlling (or Cost Accounting)

     Manage costs and improve profitability

     Forecast cash-flow accurately


     Streamline accounting operations

     Expedite month-end closes

Banking and Reconciliation

     Automate reconciliation

     Minimize payment roadblocks

FCA Integral Finance Accounting ERP Software – Highlights

     Chart of Accounts - Configurable Chart of Accounts as per schedule 6A

     Ledger Attributes - Configurable GL Attributes – Cost Center, Project, Employee etc

     Statutory Tracking - TDS, WCT, VAT, Excise, Service Tax

     Budget Control - Attribute Based Budget Configurations and controls

     GL & Party Sub ledger - Enables Drill down for sub detailing of any GL as well party

     Default GL Configuration - Automate posting by mapping default GLs for different documents

Bill wise payment/ outstanding

     Cash Receipt, Cash Payment - Handles Cash and Petty cash transactions

     Bank Receipt, Bank Payment - Cheques received and deposited, cheques issued

     Cheque Return - Complete track on cheque Return

     Bank Reconciliation - Automated Bank reconciliation

     Sales, Purchase Journals - Input all sales and purchase transactions other than core business documents

Sales Purchase DN/CN Journal      Reversal Journal - Automated rectifications for wrong transactions passed

     Adjustment Journal - Financial Journals

     Recurring Journal - Automate periodic Expenses Vouchers

     Primary/Secondary Books of Accounts - Ledgers, Cash Book , Bank Books, Journals

     Financial Statements - Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliationt

     Attribute Analyses - Cost Centers, Project, Employee

Asset Management

     Asset Register - Asset Register with options for automatic depreciation (straight line and reducing balance)

FCA Integral Finance Accounting ERP Software – Reports Covered

     Balance Sheet(General/ Comparative)

     Income Statement

     Cash Flow Statement

     Trial Balance

     Group Wise

     Control Account wise

     Subsidiary Account wise

     Sub-subsidiary Account wise

     Cost Center wise Group

     Cost Center wise Control Account

     Cost Center wise Subsidiary Account

     Function wise Group

     Function wise Control Account

     Function wise Subsidiary Account

     Function wise Sub-subsidiary Account

     Function wise Control Account Summary

     Function wise Subsidiary Account Summary

     Group wise summary

     Control Account wise summary

     Subsidiary Account wise summary

     Sub-subsidiary Account wise summary

     Voucher Reports (Posted)

     Voucher Reports (Un-posted)

     Cost Center wise

     Ledger summary

     Daily Transaction Summary

     Account Receivable/Payable Report

     Account Receivable All within a date range

     Account Receivable Cost Center wise

     Account Payable All within a date range

     Account Payable Cost Center wise)

     Particular Check Payment

     Bank Reconciliation

Sales Tax Reports

     Sales Tax Declaration Forms (Receivables / Issuable)

     Sales Tax Summary

     Sales Tax Forms Reminder Letters

     Sales Tax Account Register (Local / Central / Combine)

     State wise VAT Returns

FCA Integral supply chain management (SCM) ERP includes all the activities that take place to get a product in hands. This module focuses on planning & forecasting, purchasing, production, transportation, storage and distribution, and keeping track of products as they flow toward you and other consumers.
FCA Integral supply chain management (SCM) ERP manages the supplier relationships by collecting, storing, and analyzing supplier information. It supports the management and movement of raw materials, Inventory, and finished goods.

FCA Integral ERP has strong supply chain management knowledge across a variety of industries in both manufacturing and wholesale distribution environments. We help to use information, improve key supply chain processes—from design, planning, and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment. With FCA Integral supply chain management software you can create information-driven value chains that enable you to predict market requirements & risks, adapt and innovate in response to unstable market conditions.

     FCA Integral supply chain management software ensures reliability, enabling you to manage products with increased quality assurance.

     We enable collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply network, empowering the organization to adapt its supply chain processes to an ever-changing competitive environment.

     With our extensive industry knowledge and experience in management consulting, systems integration and IT & business process outsourcing, we can deliver end-to-end services for large-scale global supply chain transformations and targeted project support.

FCA Integral SCM ERP Software – Strategic Objective

     The right product

     In the right condition

     To the right customer

     In the right quality

     At the right time

     At the right cost

     At the right place

FCA Integral SCM ERP Software – Objective

     Forecasting Demand

     Controlling Inventory

     Enhancing Business Relationships

     Receiving feedback and status of every link of the chain

FCA Integral SCM ERP Software – Components

     Product lifecycle management

     Advanced supply chain planning

     Strategic network optimization

     Inventory optimization

     Demand management

     Collaborative planning


     Transportation management

     Predictive trade planning

     Real-time sales and operations planning

     Order management

     Global order promising

FCA Integral SCM ERP Software – Benefits

     Optimize pricing and plan promotions

     Reduce risks with strategic supply chain design

     Optimize supply management and logistics with best-in-class solutions

     Accelerate innovation and response to market demands

     Create flexible, adaptable business processes

     Achieve financial goals with predictable business plans

     Synchronize plans and actions across functions

FCA Integral inventory management ERP solution is full featured and high-performance inventory management module, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring optimal stock and significantly increasing productivity. We deliver a complete inventory management from item movement, purchasing, sales, order fulfillment, service and returns, data collection and accounting.
     We provide superb possibility of sharing information

     Gives unique opportunity to create powerful multi user inventory management system

     Makes stock management smooth and simple

     Allows successfully running business through productive inventory management services

     Designed it (inventory management system) for quick implementation, ease-of-use, and real-time inventory accuracy

     Cutting-edge technology - more secure, more specific and more spectacular

FCA Integral carries inventory management ERP solution for control and tracking of warehouse or point of sale inventory. With FCA Integral inventory management you can improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and control inventory operations.

     FCA Integral Inventory management ERP solution with barcode scanning hardware allows for a complete inventory management.

     Through barcode technologies, you can quickly identify inventory throughout your storage, handling, and distribution processes.

     Through, barcode, printer, label and many other facilities we help you create a robust inventory management system to bring accuracy and visibility to inventory control

     We provide the functionality needed to ensure your inventory data is complete, accurate and ready for your customer.

     We provide businesses with access to a world-class system with real-time inventory visibility and collaboration.

     FCA Integral Inventory management allows you to consolidate your disparate inventory tracking and control systems into a single inventory management system for material in every stage of the product or production lifecycle as well as for your different business types.

We give you a variety of tools to reduce your inventory levels as well as provide multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations.

Inventory Management ERP Software – Feature

     Separate categories

     Create and manage multiple stores per customer

     Edit inventory

     Regular updates on out of stock products

     Informative dashboard to get all inventory info at a click of a button

     Map stores by importing valid areas, sections, shelves, categories, etc.

     Update inventory package as data is received from the customer

     Basic and advanced report generating feature to give up to date info on the inventory status

     Feature to export reports on to Excel, PDF and other external file formats

     File barcode can be mapped against each ‘SKU’ and many more…

Inventory Management ERP Software – Offerings

     Item classification into divisions, sections, departments.

     Item detail with multiple attribute and categories.

     View reports with images

     Sample management

     Dead on arrival

     Real time view of inventory levels with in depth inventory analysis

     Track floor stock, warehouse stock

     Track goods movement through various stages at barcode and package level

     Inventory valuation on FIFO, LIFO, Average and Last purchase.

     Inventory movement (opening, purchase, sales, consumption, closing) at quantity and value

     Road permit tracking for all inwards and outward movement of goods

     Inter-stock point transfer and reconciliation entries

     Negative stock alert on each inventory movement

Inventory Management ERP Software – Advantages

     Faster inventory turns - Reduce time by limiting inventory movement and improving the accuracy of inventory records.

     Reduction in inventory paperwork – Significantly reduce paperwork traditionally associated with warehouse operations as well as ensure timely and accurate flow of inventory and information.

     Reduced dependency on warehouse personnel – Facilitate standardization of inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations. This standardization helps to minimize dependency on informal practices, resulting in reduced training costs and lower error rates.

     Enhanced customer service – Streamline processes from order to delivery, accurately determine product availability and realistic delivery dates, and reduce returns as a result of increased shipment accuracy.

     Improved labor productivity – Maximize efficiency while reducing labor costs by incorporating several inventory picks into one, reducing warehouse handling.


FCA Integral CRM management services in India assists organizations in various geographies and across several industries to capitalize on their relationships with customers. Our CRM service allows customers facing employees in such areas as sales, customer support, and marketing to make quick yet informed decisions.
FCA Integral CRM management services in India brings together information from all data sources within an organization to give one, complete view of each customer in real time. It is designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer satisfaction and reliability. We help companies to gain in-depth understanding of their client's relationships and interactions. FCA Integral CRM has the entire feature with add-on capabilities to capture additional customer details for a better understanding and interaction with the customer.

     We provide highly flexible customer relationship management (CRM) that can adapt, grow, and scale along with your business.

     We provide single platform to control and manage complete client details.

     We help you better manage your marketing efforts and make sound decisions based on the needs of your customers and prospects

     Our CRM module helps to reduced costs, improved data quality and better internal cooperation.

Why FCA Integral ERP CRM Software

     Enable businesses to - Understand the customers, Retain customers through better customer experience and Decrease customer management costs.

     Automate all processes—marketing automation, sales performance management, partner management, order management, customer service and more

     Provide accurate and reliable information

     Powerful real-time, role-based dashboards that drive sales, service and marketing visibility

     Delivers complete view of all customer data and interactions

FCA Integral ERP CRM Software – Feature

     Easy to use interface

     Fully customizable interactive dashboard

         Impactful visual charts and highly graphical reports

         Real-time synchronization

         Dynamic linking of multiple information

         Centralized meeting management

         Full calendar response management

         Fully customizable graphical workflow

         Complete overview of cost sheet, proposal history, track proposal version

FCA Integral ERP CRM Software – Benefits

     Assist organization to improve communication with customers through reliable information.

     Provide complete overview of customer tosales personnel including - contacts, account history and enable sales teams to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships

     Enables sales representatives stay organized through up to date calendars, activity reports with timelines.

     Reduces your cost-of-sale

     Cut-down the cost of your marketing leads

     Minimize administration costs and reduce time spent in the office on sales administration

     Enables you to identify issues and take corrective action accordingly

     Empowers your staff to provide exceptional service to your customers

     Boosts productivity and enables staff to accomplish more in their working day

     Maximizes customer communications and interactions

     Empower your team and boost productivity with a single view of leads, opportunities, tasks and activities.

     Enable sales teams to work effectively

FCA Integral sales and distribution management ERP efficiently and conveniently supports the management of all sales processes. The module help organizations increase sales, profit margins, and customer satisfaction by automating the entire order-to-cash cycle, delivering orders on time, accelerating sales processes, reducing operational costs, and boosting productivity. The module maintains extensive customer information, defines pricing, tax information, generates sales orders, manages picking, issuing, packing and shipping operations, and checks credit. With comprehensive reporting options FCA Integral sales and distribution management ERP helps organizations to maximize the effectiveness of sales team and increase revenue.
     We manage your sales processes efficiently and effortlessly

     Manage the complete sales order lifecycle, as well as all post-sales activities

     Motivate your sales force by offering sales commissions, profit sharing and bonuses.

     Improve service delivery by tracking time spent on services and analyzing profitability

     Drive sales by facilitating customer engagement across all sales channels

     Provide detailed information and advanced statistical analysis of sales process

     Reduce cycle time to process orders

     Eliminate order processing errors

     Improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness

     Efficient management of complex sales processes

     Facilities the management of all stages of the organizational sales activities from the offers to order, from the delivery notes to the invoice and credit notes.

FCA Integral Sales Management Software - Features

     Detailed customers/ business partners/ dealers database including bank details, TDS details, contact details and credit limit.

     Target setting for executives

     Tracking delivery schedule

     Order tracking through status and transaction reports

     Tracking sales return

     Flexibility to define customer- specific prices for products

     Complete export documentation for export oriented companies

     MIS for analyzing sales trends to project and forecast sales.

     Comprehensive tool to manage your sales inbound and outbound of your business

     Assign sales force, track levels and activity of the sales within your business

     Map sales records to individual to create better clarity for your sales team and your managers

     Sales activity mapped with inventory provides you forecasting benefits and revenue optimization

     Effective reports and robust operation modules ensures, all your sales force activity account for productivity and profitability.

     Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization

     Complete stock-to-dock tracking of sales order processing cycle

     Variance reports

FCA Integral Sales Management Software – Benefits

     Instant availability of all inventoried items

     Integrated customer credit and account balance

     Taxes automatically calculated

     Automate all paper work required ; order confirmation, invoices

     Handles back orders and partial shipment

     Commission tracking and calculation

     Track and manage inquiries, quotations, order generation and processing

     Streamline and automate contract and billing cycle management processes.

     Motivate sales force members with valuable incentive programs.

FCA Integral HR & payroll management ERP solution automates not only the complete employee pre-recruitment to retirement functions in an organization but also gives key strategic insight to the management giving on demand MIS enabling proactive decisions. FCA Integral HR management ERP solution can streamline all your HR processes by keeping track of employees attendance, leave, travel, transfers, reimbursements, payroll, benefits, compensation, training, performance reviews, talent management, , competency management and much more on a single platform.
Huaman Resources Management ERP - Features

     Web Enabled / Client server architecture

     Completely scalable

     Flexible work flow management

     Auto generation of Birthday / Anniversary greetings

     Analytical / Graphical Dash Boards for CEO, HR Head & Line Managers

     Intelligent Auto Reminders / Alerts / ‘To Do’ notification on the system

     Alerts & Reminders on Mobile phones and official email ids

     Employee Self Service

     Manager Self Service

     Powerful Search, Summary, Reports and Queries

     Sample Letters / Templates

     Critical MIS Reports

     Enhanced Security system

     Retrieve Archive files

     Embedded HR best practices

     Extensive Tool tip features

     Time Sheet Management

Huaman Resources Management ERP – Highlights

     Recruitment - Vacancy creation, Action Tracking, Candidate Evaluation, Appointment Letter

     Leave Management - Leave Application, Approval, Reporting After leave, Leave Encashment

     Reimbursement - Employee Expense/ Reimbursement Claim form, Approval

     Loan - Employee Loan Application, Approval, Disbursement, Balance Tracking, Auto deduction in pay chart

     Asset Management - Employee, Department, Location wise asset tracking, Transfer, Sale, scrap

     Admin Material Management - Requisition, PO, GRN, Issue Request, Issue Note

     Transfer - Branch, Division, Department etc with complete history

     Employee Gate Pass - Short Duration Gate Pass with optional deduction impact

     Employee Trouble Ticket - HR/Payroll related trouble issue raising and solution tracking

     Tour/Deputation - Tour/ Deputation records with auto presence marking in payroll

     Appraisal - Employee periodic remark, Evaluation Criterion definition, Periodic self/ senior appraisal

     Attendance Process - Auto calculation of absent due to late in/early out based on rules configured, Compensation for working on Holidays as per rules

     Overtime - Overtime calculations based on Daily Attendance, Pay calculation

     Monthly Attendance - Direct monthly total attendance , Leave, unpaid leave, Overtime input if not connected with time machine

     Pay Process - Monthly payroll generation, Pay slip generation, auto Statutory updating, Pay slip emailing

     Statutory Requirements - ESI, PF, Professional Tax, TDS related periodic returns

     End of Service - Termination/Resignation Process, Auto Full & Final calculation with leave, bonus, indemnity, Notice salary, Loan, Finance Debit, assets in hand etc.

Huaman Resources Management ERP – Reports Covered


     Recruitment Cost v/s Actual

     Interview Schedules

     Recruitment Requisition Form

     Candidates On-hold / Selected / Joined

     Turnaround time for hiring

     Plan v/s Requisition v/s Joined

     Pipeline status

     Standard letters such as interview letter, reject letter, offer letter

Manpower Planning & Control

     Manpower Budget V / S Actual

     Manpower Cost Budget V / S Actual

     Separation List

     Skill Inventory

     Job Function Wise Analysis

     Grade Wise Separation Analysis

     Retirement Due

     Employee Eligible for Gratuity

     Age Analysis

     Experience Analysis

Performance Appraisal

     Performance Appraisal Period Wise

     Increment Promotion

     Employee with ‘ X ‘ Performance Rating

     Performance Appraisal Not Received

     Performance Positions Summary

     Confirmation Due

     First Increment Due

Promotions & Increments

     Company Wise Assessment Summary

     Employee Growth Report

     Employee Stagnation Report

     Increment / Promotion Trend

     List of Promoters

     Job Function Wise Increment List

     Grade Wise Assessment Summary

Other Miscellaneous Reports

     Birthdays / Anniversaries Due

     Company Accommodation

     Loan Disbursement Summary

     Loan Outstanding Summary

FCA Integral Retail/POS Management helps retailers to automate their entire systems. We assist retailers to manage their retail operations like loyalty management, promotions, inventory management, inventory planning, business intelligence, point of sale, store management and many more. With FCA Integral retail/POS management organizations can make managing their business even easier, save time and increase profit. We strive to make every feature easy to use and understand to manage all your store locations, improve customer service, financial information and many more at any moment.
FCA Integral Point of Sale provides your retail organization with a true solution suite to manage your entire retail business.

     Easily process sales – manage customers and simplify the point of sale check out process.

     Insightful reporting – Gain insight into your business so you can make better, more confident business decision.

     Simplified inventory Management – Manage inventory, including purchasing, pricing and reordering

     Better control and mange your entire business – Gain better control and mange your entire business including back-end accounting processes and employee payroll.

Key Features

     Can work in all models of retail (COCO/COFO/FOFO)

     User Friendly UI can be design by user itself

     Strong BI tool

     Franchise can maintain their inventory separately

     Web base reporting

     Vendor/customer online portal

     Online module also available

     Advance document designer (watermark/special comment can put)

     Document attachment at each level (POS/Warehouse)

General Features

     Unbreakable and Secured Database System.

     Flexible Menu Security Option

     Multiple Roles, multiple User security system with lock day facility.

     Profile or Preference setting at each business function.

     User Friendly GUI Forms with updated Help.

     Scalable from single store to multiple chain stores.

     Seamless Integration of Front Office/Back Office Applications.

     CD based installation system.

     Auto Data Back & Restore Facility.

     Automatic update of software through internet.

Point Of Sales (POS):-

     Open/Close POS, Begin/End Day Concepts

     Bar coded, Non-Bar coded , OEM Bar coded, User Defined Codes scanning options.

     Returns, Exchange and Refunds tracking systems.

     Cash, Credit and Advance sales management.

     Flexible payment modes - cash, credit, credit card, gift voucher or loyalty points redemption.

     Discount Tracking at Item Level or Memo Level.

     Cash Drawer, Counter and currency denomination tracking.

     Cash Memo on Hold and Retrieve options.

     Online Stock Alerts to monitor negative inventory.

     Multiple Cash memo series option.

     User defined cash memo, return memo, cash receipt slips formatting and printing option.

     Non-Fixed Unit Sales i.e. Grocery in grams, Fabric in meters etc.

     Separate Billing, Collection and Delivery option available.

     Separate Price Overwrite, Qty Overwrite facility available.

     Audit Trail for POS Activities

     Service, Repairing, Tailoring Option available.

Store Management

     Powerful Sales Promotion to cater all types of discounts and offers.

     Saleman Tracking and Incentive Calculations facilities.

     User wise / Counter Wise / Day Wise / Shift Wise cash summary.

     KPI Reports on Margins, Basket Sizes, GMROI, Audits available.

     Price Management, Store wise, Customer wise with Multiple Price List Pop Ups possible.

     POS Integrated with Accounts to report Credit/Advance Sales.

     Powerful MIS reports on Stock, Sales and Profitabilities.

     Unit wise and Lot wise Price changing option with audit trail.

     Credit Card tracking and commission calculation.

     Return / Exchange Reason Tracking.

     VAT / Sales Tax Management.


     Vendor Definition with Class, Agent, Sales Tax and Consignment Option.

     Vendor setup with credit days, default Markup and Invoice Terms.

     Purchase Order tracking system along with Order amendment and cancellation

     Good Receive Entry against PO, Item Select, Item Create ,Item Scanning.

     PO Creation through Excel Import, Item Create, Item Select or Item Scanning.

     PO Delivery Schedule and Authorization System.

     Automatic markup facility on Input Costs along with flexible Round off facility.

     Dynamic Margin Rule to control Margins on markups/markdowns, Gross/ Net of VAT .

     Purchase Invoice – against multiple Good Receive Challans.

     Consignment Receipts, Invoicing and Payment tracking system.

     Goods return tracking against Receipts on FIFO/LIFO/Manually.

     Debit Note against Goods Return and integration with Financial Accounts.

     Service bills / Job work charges accounting with automatic TDS entry.

     HO Created PO, Local Receipt Options available.

     Multiple State Vendor Invoice and VAT Terms possible.

     Purchase C Forms, F Forms tracking.

     Min-max, Reorder level and replenishment system.


     Supports unlimited SKUs, Items and Inventory parameters.

     Dynamic Item Classification into Divisions, sections, Departments, Articles and Items. definition.

     Item Definition on multiple Attribute, Categories like Brand, Size, Design, Color, Pack etc.

     Multiple Stock Points to track floor stock, warehouse stock, package stock and GIT.

     Image Capturing, storing and reporting available.

     Inventory Ageing on FIFO, Batch and Last Inwards possible.

     Batch creation on Season, Month, Week or any user defined period.

     Inventory Valuation on FIFO, Last Purchase, WSP or MRP.

     Inventory Movement (Opening, Purchase, Sales, Consumption, Closing) at Qty and Value.

     Non – Inventory/ Service Items tracking possible.

     Category manager to restructure obsolete/dead item categories.

     Logistics Tracking from LR, Gate Entry, Receipts and Invoicing.

     Road Permit Tracking for all Inwards and Outward Movement of Goods.

     Inter Stock Point Transfer and reconciliation entries.

     Cost Center issue and return for consumable & store items.

     Flexible Physical Stock Audit on any Item Classification and Attribute.

     Stock Adjustment after verification of Actuals with temporary / Permanent update.

     Negative stock alert at Item / Profile level on each inventory movement.

     Item/ Barcode history to track details at any level.

     Item Merging, Splitting and Price Revision modules.

     Real time view of inventory levels with in depth inventory analysis

Customer Loyalty

     Customer information tracking & gathering

     Direct Discount Option, Point Earned and Redemption system

     Different Discount % for different assortments possible.

     Centralised Points Earning & Redemption across multiple stores possible.

     Analyse Customer buying pattern and history tracking.

     Print mailing labels or SMS Customers via FCA- Retail SMS services.

Merchandise & Replenishment Planning

     Enterprise wide Planning, Ordering and Replenishment system.

     Setup Planning Parameters on Item, Article or Assortment.

     Setup Source Parameter as Warehouse, Stock point or Supplier

     Min-Max, Reorder Level Setup for Stores and warehouse.

     Replenishment planning comparing trend sales, pending orders and pipeline stock.

     Calculate Fill Rate, Alarm Reports, Red Alert and Not in Stock Reports.

     Enables Centralized as well as localized Purchase planning & Ordering system.

Multi Store Distribution

     Inter store requisition and replenishment system.

     Stock Transfer Order tracking along with Authorization system.

     Package Creation against STO, Item Select, Item Scan, GRC, Transfer In or Excel Import.

     Receipt reconciliation through Package bar codes, Item Scan or manual tagging.

     Inter Stock Point Package Transfers between warehouses.

     Transfer Cost on MRP, WSP, FIFO Cost, Std Cost etc.

     Track Pipeline stock across Supply chain including Allocated and In-Transit Stocks.

     Tracking for Shortage / Excess and transfer Reconciliation.

     Alerts for In-Transit at Destination, if transfer exceeds normal transit days.

     Logistics/Permit Tracking for Transfers and Accounts Integration.

     Allocate and Send Master data to Stores automatically.

     All transfers via Internet/FTP based data synchronization.

Multi Store Features

     Enables businesses or chains to roll up for all branches/stores into HO.

     Real time consolidation of data across various locations over internet.

     Unlimited user defined reports by simple drag and drop operations.

     HO Controlled Masters/Profiles/ Procedures for Branch / Stores.

     Branch / Store wise/ Item Wise Sales, Inventory or Profitability reports.

     Merged Sales/Inventory reports, KPIs, Valuation, Ageing etc.

     Merged Financial Reports - TB, BS, PL, Outstanding etc.

     Goods in Transit/ Logistics/ Pipeline tracking across locations in chain.

     Sales Target versus Achievement - Like to Like Reports.

     Sales Comparison as per Festival, Holiday or EOSS Calendar.

     Auto Email of Reports for Supply Chain Integration.

SMS/Email Notifications (Optional)

     Real time Messaging System for real time decision making.

     Sends SMS automatically on any actionable FCA- RETAIL events.

     Integrated with all FCA- RETAIL modules (POS, Purchase, Sales, MSD, CRM etc).

     Two-way messaging systems possible.

Business Intelligence (BI Tool)

     Complete user friendly dashboard

     User can define and create their reports

     Data can easily transfer into excel/doc/pdf

     In-depth analysis

     Report drill down till voucher level from same screen

FCA Integral manufacturing/ production management offers easy-to-use production management capabilities that support production planning, dispatching, production status monitoring, managing bills of material, shipping control, reporting of production activity and many more activities. FCA Integral production management is designed for specific needs of manufacture industries that help organizations to get the production on time, and on budget.
     FCA Integral production management improves efficiency of manufacturing operations

     Provides real-time visibility and management control

     Streamline production life cycle

     Keep up-to-date information on the components and sub-contractors used to produce your product, better balance lead times, reduce inventories, and improve cash flow.

     Manage all aspects of receiving materials, returning goods, shipping finished goods, and executing subcontract work.

FCA Integral Production Management – Feature

     Production planning

     Manufacturing resources planning

     Production planning & scheduling

     Product development

     Rejection and scrap reporting production issues

     Receipt and returns

     Material and order based estimation

     Master production scheduling

     Define and edit multi level Bill of Material(BOM)

     Manage quality assurance documents

     Useful reports on production management

     Product costs - standard Vs actual

     Monitor rejected material

     WIP tracking

     Daily consumption and production

     Stock transfer sheet from different process

FCA Integral Production Management – Benefits

     Accurate comparison of planned and actual production data


     Visual representation of your operation to monitor all activities and rapidly respond to changes

     Manage production down to the shift level and assign resources

     Monitor equipment performance to control costs and eliminate bottlenecks

     Visibility of all operational key performance indicators and control of outliers across the operation

     Track your material in real time

     Arrange your operations efficiently

     Have validated information whenever you need it

FCA Integral Production Management – Reports Covers

     BOM master listing

     Raw material procurement requirement as per production planning

     Comparison analysis between actual status Vs Production Planning

     Department stock ledger

     Department rejection ledger

     MIS analysis of costing of bill of materials

     MIS analysis of consumption and production

FCA Integral strategic budget management ERP allows you to create budget worksheets and set targets for any time period. The module provides user friendly features and analysis tools for use in organizational planning.
FCA Integral strategic budget management ERP not only allows sales forecasting plans and revenue plans to be developed, but also provides for materials requirements planning, capacity planning, investment planning, cash flow management planning and many more. It enables you to follow the deadlines for each step of the process as well as help companies to achieve their business goals successfully.      Streamline your business planning, improving your accountability and enhancing your expense management

     Allows you to know how much money is available, how your funds are allocated, what your plans are for them and how far along you are toward reaching your goals

     Make you know what is going to happen to the money and when

     Divides your funds into categories of expenditures and revenues

     Provide complete records of all monetary transactions

     Allows you to identify unnecessary expenditures

Budget Management ERP Software – Features

     User friendly interface

     Departmental budget entries

     Ability to define seasonal distribution coefficients

     Development of customer-based and non-customer-based sales budgets

     Ability to utilize current system pricing models during budget development

     Automatic generation of the production budget using the sales budget

     Automatic generation of the budgets for semi-finished goods, raw materials, product storage, and activities using the production budget

     Manual data entry option for all module screens

     Ability to compare the planned budget against the effective budget

     Discount entries for sales budget, and comparisons for gross and net amounts

     Individual sales goal analysis for sales personnel completed worksheets can be routed to a multi-level approval process

     Approvers can re-route the budget worksheet to the originator for modifications

     Consolidate all budget worksheets at anytime during the budget preparation process for organization-wide reporting

     Create multiple versions of the same budget

Budget Management ERP Software – Features

     Enhance strategic value of finance function

     Improve business virtuosity

     Offer better plan accuracy based on sound data and centralized plans

     Promote the effective execution of business strategy by improving planning across finance, sales, service, support and other organizations

     Achieve strong fiscal control based on accurate and timely historical data and up-to-date plans

     Make better business decisions

FCA Integral dashboard management assists organizations to manage all key information on single screen.
We develop customized enterprise dashboards that give a consolidated view of vital metrics and key performance indicators reliably. This module enables enterprise-wide visibility and empowers business personnel to stay informed of the various operational components of their organization..
     Easy to use, modify and create, FCA Integral dashboard is a user-friendly and flexible platform for solving key business issues effectively

     Provide interactive summary of management report

     Increased productivity and resource efficiency

     Monitor, explore, analyze and drilldown into details

     Consolidates, aggregates, and arranges measurements in a visual representation

     Displayed on a single screen thus information can be monitored easily

     Interactive charts that can convey key information in a impressive manner

     Charts can be saved or printed at any time

     Dashboard can be parameterized allowing users to get different view of data

FCA Integral Dashboard Management – Features

     Colorful, attractive, and easy to use visual appealing

     Drag-and-drop Interface to makes it easy for you to quickly create the reports

     Flexible layout, formatting & design

     Drill down on reports, apply filters, visually highlight data points and do much more.

     Configurable charts and graphs

     variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view of reports

FCA Integral Dashboard Management – Benefits

     Visual presentation of performance measures

     Ability to identify and correct negative trends

     Monitor your key performance indicators like sales revenue, marketing returns, financial metrics, employee headcount, inventory levels etc.

     Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies

     With a quick analysis, get in-depth insights from across varied business data

     Ability to generate detailed reports showing new trends

     Ability to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence

     Getting the right information instantly

     Provide historical, present and predictive view of business operations

     Align strategies and organizational goals

     Reduce firefighting - Get to know the critical issues much before they become unmanageable problems.

     Save time by automating the transactional nature of tasks of report creation

     Saves time compared to running multiple reports

     Gain total visibility of all systems instantly

FCA Integral asset tracking assists organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets by enabling them to automate fixed asset inventory audits, locate assets, and track the movement of assets in real-time. The module centrally manages; - what asset you have, where they are, who use them, and all cost associated to the item.
FCA Integral asset tracking makes it simple to manage your organization’s valuable assets and inventory into one complete, cost-effective, easy-to-use application.
     Comprehensive, reliable and efficient asset tracking

     provides tracking, visibility and control of dispersed assets

     Maximizes asset utilization and return on investment by automatically synchronizing the operations

     Helps organizations to achieve a single source of truth for enterprise assets while reducing the total cost of ownership.

     Helps organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets

     Track asset depreciation for financial reporting and compliance

     Track ownership and product information such as serial numbers and installation dates

FCA Integral Asset Tracking - Features

     Easy-to-use interface

     Multi-User capabilities

     Protect brand value

     Ensure consistent delivery

     Track unlimited number of assets

     Check-out items

     Maintain full history of ownership

     Simple yet powerful search feature for locating assets

     Calculate Monthly and Annual Depreciation

     Use Asset Audit Wizard to find missing assets

     Maintain service history and purchasing details for assets

     Extensive reporting system for displaying or printing data

     Track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses

     Scan and Print Barcodes, create your own barcode labels

     Maintain complete records of assets with vendors information

     Maintain inventory of assets with purchase information, license, expiration dates and manufacturer details

     Stay informed about every change in your inventory

FCA Integral Asset Tracking – Functions

     Easily view all work history and charges related to each asset

     Track warranty information

     Generate barcode labels for any asset

     Track and report on component failures and number of occurrences

     Reports can be auto-generated

     Easily add asset graphs to dashboard

     Find, manage and control organization’s assets

FCA Integral Asset Tracking – Functions

     Improve Asset Visibility

     Improve return on assets

     Improve efficiencies with automated processes

     Reduce operational costs

     Help asset budgeting and forecasting

     Decrease cost risk

     Improve supply chain visibility

     Reduce wastage

     Increase sustainability

     Improve asset utilization

     Optimize availability

     Minimize safety stocks

     Speed up processing

     Improve asset related decision making

     Timely inventory updation help risk reduction


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